Hospital at Night and Handover Policy

Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, along with all NHS trusts, has introduced a Hospital at Night model incorporating:

  • Clinical staff at night working in a multi-disciplinary 'Hospital at Night' team rather than in isolation
  • A Nurse Co-ordinator and a lead SpR to co-ordinate the team and allocate clinical tasks by competencies of individuals within the team
    A formal evening handover from day staff to the Hospital at Night team, which identifies the patients by priority of treatment & ensures each patient has a continuity of care
  • The composition of the team is driven by the volume of acute workload & the core competencies required by the local patient mix - the current team is made up of Medical & Surgical SHOs, PRHOs, Registrars & Senior Nurses.
  • A database, 'Hospital 24/7', is used to support the handover of patients from day to night staff on the General Medical, Surgical and Orthopaedic wards. Hospital 24/7 contains outline clinical details on patients, plus tasks, which are handed from one shift to the next, to ensure continuity of care. Tasks can be classified in priority order and are divided between the Hospital at Night team by the lead SpR on duty during the night. The Outreach team also feed into the database and can alert wards to the likelihood of patients requiring special support at night.

Click here for the Hospital at Night and Handover Policy at Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.