Core Medical Training

Welcome to the Kingston Hospital NHS Trust Core Medical Training.

"Core Medical Training (CMT) is not only a vital step in the well rounded training of a junior physician but an important gateway stage in acquiring the necessary knowledge, behaviour and skills required for entry to higher specialist training and in the making of a good physician.  

The time spent in acquiring clinical skills and knowledge here in different medical specialties both acute and non-acute, will be the cornerstone of success in the future as a hospital specialist. Therefore, more important than attaining specialty specific skills, trainees would be encouraged to acquire the skills of comprehensive history taking, completing a confident clinical examination, formulating a detailed and appropriate differential diagnosis, choosing relevant generic and specific investigations to confirm a diagnosis and planning appropriate management. This will also include skills to present a succinct summary of the patient to a senior colleague and be able to defend and justify one's actions by demonstrating sound clinical knowledge and links to appropriate best evidence.

Success therefore in attaining the core medical skills will be judged initially by demonstrating the ability to pass the MRCP (Parts 1, 2 & PACES) within the time-frames specified in the current curriculum (2011 update) and completion of the core competencies at Level 2 as set out in the GIM curriculum (listed on eportfolio). This indeed is a challenge and requires careful planning, resourcefulness and appropriate level of self-directed work.

The SW London CMT program is designed to allow each trainee an adequate exposure to general medicine (including acute medicine) and a selection of specialty medicine placements. There will be ample opportunity to participate in dedicated teaching, workshops, procedural skills training, simulation enhanced training and specific bed-side MRCP training required for success. These will be available both locally and through a regional program. Attendance therefore is essential and within 2 years, attending all the modules would be necessary for success at the MRCP and ARCP."

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